Welcome to the Sunny Side of Life

Sun Milk... the ONLY sunflower seed milk alternative!

HEY THERE! Let's talk...

It's time the world know that I am more than just a pretty face, and the days of being chewed up and spit out ARE OVER!

Finally, I've joined my bovine friends in the spotlight, because as it turns out... you can milk me too!


Oh, and I'm not watered down like those other nut jobs. I am all American, planted n' raised, and organic through n' through.

Before I go, allow me to plant this seed: The world needs to up its plant intake. So, drink up buttercup, and

UP YOURS! #UpYourPlants

Meet The Team

The Advisors

Jordan Mariovich Sun Milk CEO cofonder

Jordan Marinovich

CoFounder & CEO

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Jordan is an Air Force veteran with nearly 10 years experience in the military aviation industry.


Seeking new opportunities, Jordan enrolled at the University of Colorado - Boulder and graduated from the Leeds School of Business's management program with a concentration in Entrepreneurship and Strategy.

Jordan brings his combination of first-hand experience and education to the team; managing the administrative, fundraising and strategy functions.

Destiny Swinney Sun Milk COO cofounder

Destiny Swinney

CoFounder & COO

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Destiny is a trained chef with 10 years experience in large scale food service, retail grocery, restaurants & packaged foods.

Her passion for delicious & healthy food began in high school, where she studied culinary arts & competed at national-level contests.


She has a great love for food and creates dishes and products that are not only incredibly delicious, but only healthy and environmentally conscious. 

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Eric Bruno

Brand Strategist

Brunos & Partners

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Suze Bragg

Investor Relations

& Compliance

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Mark McDermott


Greatful Foods

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Marco Vienna

Investments & Ops

Four Points Funding