About Boulder Sun

Boulder Sun Plant Based Foods


Boulder Sun is a plant based food company dedicated to creating nutritionally dense and insanely delicious foods. We use only simple and clean ingredients that come from your pantry, NOT your medicine cabinet!

Our pilot product is Sun Milk, the only sunflower seed milk on the market. It is 100% vegan, allergy friendly, and only contains four simple ingredients.


Sun Milk is currently being sold at 9 retail locations throughout Boulder, Denver, Louisville, Westminster, Wheatridge, Nederland, and Colorado Springs.


Sunflowers require up to 70% less water to grow than Almonds and can be grown all over the world, but are indigenous to North America.

Sunflower crops are bee friendly and non-GMO!

You can use Sun Milk just as you would any other plant based milk. Drink it straight, add it to protein shakes, smoothies, sauces, coffee or tea, bake with it, cook with it. Pretty much anything besides steam it! [Adding that high of heat and water will separate the product as we do not use gums or stabilizers.] 

Sun Milk is nutritionally dense with over 15 naturally occurring vitamins and minerals, including vitamin E and Selenium.

Contains: 4 g of fiber, 7 g of protein, 21 g of healthy fats, <1 g of naturally occurring sugar, and Zero Cholesterol per 8 oz. 

It is soy free, dairy free, nut free, gluten free, paleo, kosher and vegan-friendly.  

We are the ONLY sunflower seed milk on the market.

Meet the Team



Destiny is a plant based Chef who officially began her food journey at 17, when she enrolled in a vocational culinary school. During her senior year, she was given the privilege of spending half of her school days cooking, learning from top chefs, exploring fun techniques like Molecular Gastronomy, and was chosen along with 4 others to be on the schools Culinary Team that would go on to compete in a state and national competition. After she graduated, she spent the following years continuing her education by self teaching through hours of experimenting in her own kitchen for fun and deeper understanding of plant based, and healthier cooking styles. Destiny has spent her career working in restaurants, kitchens, catering, and grocery stores. In 2014 she created a company that focused on raw desserts. Unfortunately it had to be put it on hold, but Destiny knew she would start another plant-based food company some day. Two years later she spontaneously relocated from Kansas City to Boulder to pursue that passion and follow her dream again. Through her usual kitchen play time, she crafted a new plant based milk that wasn't currently offered and was in her opinion, put all others to shame! This simple drink reignited her passion and compelled her to want to start that dream again!




Jordan is an Air Force Vet, former non-profit founder, and University of Colorado business student. After Hurricane Katrina hit his home town of Biloxi, Mississippi, Jordan enlisted in the Air Force where he served for 4 years. After leaving the military, Jordan relocated to New Mexico and co-founded an animal rescue to help better the substandard animal welfare conditions in his new community. During this adventure, he helped rescue and re-home hundreds of animals, and along the way received funding of from the ASPCA to help with animal transportation. This love and care for the animals he was helping, sparked the desire to become vegan and make even bigger changes among the lives of animals of all kinds. After 4 years Jordan decided to change careers and relocate again. He moved to Colorado, enrolled at CU Boulder in the business school and 1 year later decided to jump into the natural foods space, officially creating Boulder Sun with Destiny.